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FaithWalk Blog

FaithWalk Blog


Meet FanellElane


First, I want to thank you for stopping by. If you look at nothing else but this page, I want you to take this message with you:

God loves you UNCONDITIONALLY, He gave His Son Jesus for you as the ULTIMATE sacrifice, and the Holy Ghost is with you always as the UNMATCHED Comforter.

God understands your past, guides you in your present, and prepares you for your future – He is able to cover your entire life! Through this platform, join me on my “walk by faith” journey. One of my faith experiences was writing and publishing my first best-selling book. It’s called Chosen by God: Learning Your Identity and Position in Life.


Visit my store to get more information and your personalized signed copy. Overtime, I will share processes in my life that ACTIVATED FAITH and FAITH is CONTINUOUSLY HEALING and BEAUTIFUL THINGS are becoming EVIDENT. However, FAITH definitely takes WORK!


Want to know what that work is? Ready to do that work? You are in the right place! I look forward to connecting with you on your faith walk. 

Let’s increase our faith and heal together!


The Transformation Teacher

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