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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A Word for 2020

We all hear about resolutions around this time of year. Discussion around resolutions probably were full-steam in December. Well, I choose not to do the typical resolutions. I choose to work on my life where needed when needed. However, I think we have attached negativity to the word “Resolution” because we have made it plural instead of singular. By way of Google, “Resolution” is a firm decision to do or not to do something. My question is, do we bite off more than we can chew? Do we allow the euphoria of “It’s a New Year” to make us think we will accomplish our resolutions before January ends? I would like to help you keep it simple this year and hopefully the years to come in this New Decade and focus on one thing. Why? Because in that one thing are actually many. Keep reading and you’ll see.

I don’t recall right now, but I received one word for 2018 and 2019 to focus on (one day I’ll find it amongst all of my notes and write about it here lol). However, I described my 2019 ultimately as MONUMENTAL because the year was amazing. I had so many new and exciting experiences on so many levels, including writing and publishing my first (bestseller) book.

Anyways, on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 I was spending time with Jesus and the Holy Spirit brought the word Beautiful to me. I knew this was my umbrella word for 2020 and beyond! Anytime one word is highlighted to me while praying, meditating, reading the Word, worshipping, praising, etc. I write it down and study it extensively. I just want to share with you a little of that experience for me and hope it encourages you because I believe it is for you in some way.

Before I get to that, I want to describe to you what I sensed when the word "Beautiful" encountered me.

Just fancy me for a moment. Now you have to really have your senses engaged to picture and feel every word I write that follows…

Imagine you are laying down in the most plush king-sized bed. Imagine your body waking and you feel more refreshed than ever before. Imagine your eyes opening and your body stretching out. Feel the soft, fresh linens. Imagine the sun shining through two French patio glass doors. Imagine getting up and walking toward those doors, feeling the warmth of the sun kissing your face and skin. Imagine opening the doors and feeling the warm breeze caress your body. Imagine hearing the waves of water and the birds singing their morning song. Imagine walking a few steps and feeling the cool sand on the bottom of your feet and in between your toes…

If you haven’t been on a vacation at the beach, I just took you on on (lol).

If you have, you can connect with this. However, this is what the word “Beautiful” felt like to me when the Holy Spirit presented it to me.

I searched the bible to see where the word “Beautiful” was mentioned. The scripture that I was drawn to was Acts 3 where it tells the story of a man who was lame from his mother’s womb. This man was laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful to get pity because of his condition. When I saw this, I kept reading. I read the chapter repeatedly and just kept being fed. I didn’t know what was happening, but something was shifting and leaping in my spirit. I may share more things that I received from studying this scripture later, but right now let’s venture into what this word “Beautiful” means…

First, I looked up “Beautiful” by my concordance app on my phone. I read through the definitions and this is what was highlighted to me: Belonging to the right hour or season (timely), i.e. (by implication) flourishing.

When God has made or declared something beautiful, it means it belongs to that time. When that something happens at the right time (God’s divine timing), it will flourish.

When I saw the word flourishing, a picture of a garden of plenty came to mind – with thriving plants, beautiful colorful flowers, greenery, and full of life! I had to look it up...

Flourishing (by way of Google) means: Developing rapidly and successfully; thriving. Marked by vigorous and healthy growth: very active and successful. To grow luxuriantly. To move something in your hand in order to make people look.

Luxuriant means yielding abundantly: fertile, fruitful; is characterized by abundant growth; and is often extravagantly rich and varied in nature.

Imagine the Lord wanting to make your one life, but every area of your life BEAUTIFUL, which includes FLOURISHING and LUXURIANT.

Not only that, imagine the Lord wants to bless your life in such a way to where He makes people look.

The only way a garden can flourish and become luxuriant is when it yields to the gardener.

Our gardener is Jesus. (John 20:15)

The only way your life, every area of your life can be BEAUTIFUL is if you surrender, submit, and yield to the Holy Spirit.

I’m praying for your faith to increase in the plans of the Lord for your life. I believe the Lord wants to make your life BEAUTIFUL – every area of your life.

Know that you have some work to do. You can start that work in my book Chosen by God: Learning Your Identity and Position in Life. Learn more and purchase a personalized, signed copy under the SHOP tab.

In Love, Joy, and Peace - Fanell E. Williams

Note: If you are interested to learn more about this word BEAUTIFUL, check out Joe Joe Dawson Youtube video "It's Your Time and Your Season!" that shed more light on this word for me!


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One night in November 2017, Fanell felt totally lost and confused – not knowing who she was or why she was weighed on her greatly to where depression was taking over. Life as she knew it had been pulled out from under her like a rug. She was at rock bottom. Everything she ever knew and believed in was a lie. She had been deceived, hurt, and broken.

Fanell was searching for answers. She came to know Jesus for herself that night, he saved her, and she gave her life to him.

The question presented to her by an encounter of the Holy Spirit was, “Will you surrender EVERYTHING (the who, what, when, why, where, and how) as you know it and let me transform your life into BEAUTIFUL or will you continue life as it is and it only


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