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Hey Beautiful Family! How are you enjoying these blog posts? I want to know. Please leave me a comment. Also, I hope you have been joining in and being blessed by the series Transformation Talks. Replays are on my Fanell Elane Facebook page.

So let’s get into this next post about relationship.

I was always around what we consider as church growing up, but I really didn’t understand it. I will say at about the age of 12, that is when I had a drawing to go to church. I really didn’t feel like I fit in systems like school, social clubs, etc. I observed and watched and wanted what my church family had at the time. They were crying, speaking weird, laying out on the floor, clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and shouting HALLELUJAH!

As I reflect, I see why I was drawn to this. It's because of what I had been through even before the age of 12. I was a victim of spiritual and natural things - specifically sexual perversion and sexual abuse. For a long time, I didn’t even know it! Through this traumatic experience, I became spiritually void, mentally confused, and emotionally numb. Another story for another day, but eventually the Holy Spirit started revealing and teaching me about the dual world we live in - not only the natural, but the spiritual.

In November 2017, I cried out to Jesus and He found me and saved me. My transformation process started then. Between November 2017 and November 2018, I was journaling and the Lord said I was writing a book. I didn’t believe it or see it, so I sure didn't think it would happen. Well it did! The process of writing this book was really Jesus building relationship with me and reinstating my identity and position in Him.

November 2018 I wrote the manuscript and August 2019 it was published! 9 months! It was #2 on Amazon’s bestseller list. This book has been places I have not been, but that I am going (just declaring in the name of Jesus, Amen)! And this work does not stop with just the book. The Lord has called me, chosen me to do more and this is just the beginning.

Ya’ll, RELATIONSHIP is the KEY. Seek RELATIONSHIP with God - our Heavenly Father, our Creator AND WATCH how your life transforms.

Join me tonight at 8PM EST for Transformation Talks cause this next topic…!!!


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FanellElane is all about Faith Expressed through Works. James 2:17 says, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” In other words, the outcome

you are hoping for will not be evident absent of action. FanellElane is a platform interwoven with faith expressed through a variety of written, verbal, and visual works. Fanell Elane Williams is the woman behind FanellElane. Faith is the driving force of Fanell’s life and is what disciplines her through her journey of transformation. I hope this content ignites you to become aware, learn, and grow in your faith and start to heal your mind, body, and soul.

From a young age, Fanell dealt with the thoughts of wanting to take her own life. In 2017, this almost became a reality. Operating in a false identity that was cast on her by the enemy for over 20 years because of pervasive sexual trauma; she did not know her identity, let alone her calling in life.

One night in November 2017, Fanell felt totally lost and confused – not knowing who she was or why she was weighed on her greatly to where depression was taking over. Life as she knew it had been pulled out from under her like a rug. She was at rock bottom. Everything she ever knew and believed in was a lie. She had been deceived, hurt, and broken.

Fanell was searching for answers. She came to know Jesus for herself that night, he saved her, and she gave her life to him.

The question presented to her by an encounter of the Holy Spirit was, “Will you surrender EVERYTHING (the who, what, when, why, where, and how) as you know it and let me transform your life into BEAUTIFUL or will you continue life as it is and it only


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