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The Journey of Healing

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I recently read a post on Facebook and I was moved to write. I did not know what I was experiencing, but it was a mixture of unpleasant and pleasant emotions. I would call it triggered…I was triggered! The post gave some perspectives about individuals who may have experienced rape, molestation, and incest at a young age in a sensitive and encouraging way. I automatically started paying attention to my inner world and what was happening. I could feel my heartbeat more than normal. I was deeply inhaling and exhaling as if to sigh continuously. My eyes were welling up with tears, but for some reason they would not flow. Why was my reaction this way? Because this post was talking in some ways about my story being an individual who has been victimized in many ways, including mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, financially, etc. Why is my response to write a blog post? Well, it’s like journaling for me, but now I get to share parts of my story wisely with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to help you begin healing as well. As you see, even though I was victimized I do not call myself a victim. I once was a victim but am no longer. I believe in the power of words (Death and life are in the power of the tongue - Proverbs 18:21). I do believe that depending on the situation, the ability to speak death and life are crucial to one’s healing process. I did not ever see myself as a victim. I did not ever know that I was a victim. The state of my life at the time was normal to me. I want to share a little with you from my book chapter entitled, “Natural and Spiritual” to give you a little background: “For a long time, because of my innocence and need to feel loved, I did not know that what was presented to me was inappropriate in its nature and timing. This condition was normal to me, but it wasn’t right. It’s important to understand that just because something is normal to you does not mean it is right. Normal is habitual, routine, or a cycle – something done repeatedly over a period of time.” I call that time in my life the “Dark Period” or “Dark Cycle”…it was just all dark! So anyways, because of this normality in my life – I did not see myself as a victim. After light was shined on my previous situation (in other words revelation), I acknowledged that I was considered a victim. I can now say that it was the Holy Spirit that did not allow me to accept victimhood or a victim mentality (oh because I was so close it was scary). The definition of victimhood is the state of being a victim. Victimhood is a condition that should be temporary, but if not careful can turn permanent. The Holy Spirit invited me in a process called the journey of healing. It is ongoing and worthwhile. When we hear the word heal, healed, or healing - what do people usually think of? Sickness…but specifically physical illness and ailments. However, healing is not just physical – but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. Wherever one may be unhealed affects EVERY other area of one’s life. I was watching a movie a year or so ago (unfortunately, I am unable to recall the name of it), but something was said in the movie that sparked this expansion of looking at sickness or illness differently. A lot of physical or bodily issues, diseases, and illnesses are due to soul and heart issues. Why? Because the flesh, the body you see is a tangible thing, which means when it comes to illness and sickness, something has infected internally and manifested externally. Healing is a process and it is continual. Healing is to make whole or to restore to health. Words that are similar are cure, repair, remedy, and reconcile. Words that are opposite in meaning are harm, hurt, and wound. Know that what harmed, hurt, or wounded you - It is possible to heal. Trauma, which includes those events that caused harm or hurt intrudes in every part of your life. Healing intervenes to mend that trauma. Healing is from Jesus. Psalm 147:3 (NIV) says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” In the chapter of my book entitled, “Countdown to Transformation” I list 8 inner works that need to take place for your life transformation. These inner works must be undertaken in partnership with Jesus by faith. Mark 10:52 reads, “Go, said Jesus, your faith has healed you.” One of the inner works is healing. Healing is the process of becoming sound or healthy again. Before healing though are the inner works repentance, deliverance, and forgiveness. There is a remorse, a rescuing, and a releasing that must take place for one to enter their restoration. I pray that you invite and ask Jesus to heal you. It won’t be easy, especially when the norm may have been toxicity and unhealthiness – but it is possible. Your mind, heart, and soul need healing. To see the entire list of your new beginning ”Countdown to Transformation” and to start your healing journey today add my book, “Chosen by God: Learning Your Identity and Position in Life” to your collection. It’s paperback and eBook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble or you can get a mailed personalized signed copy under SHOP on this website! In Love, Joy, and Peace - Fanell E. Williams


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FanellElane is all about Faith Expressed through Works. James 2:17 says, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” In other words, the outcome

you are hoping for will not be evident absent of action. FanellElane is a platform interwoven with faith expressed through a variety of written, verbal, and visual works. Fanell Elane Williams is the woman behind FanellElane. Faith is the driving force of Fanell’s life and is what disciplines her through her journey of transformation. I hope this content ignites you to become aware, learn, and grow in your faith and start to heal your mind, body, and soul.

From a young age, Fanell dealt with the thoughts of wanting to take her own life. In 2017, this almost became a reality. Operating in a false identity that was cast on her by the enemy for over 20 years because of pervasive sexual trauma; she did not know her identity, let alone her calling in life.

One night in November 2017, Fanell felt totally lost and confused – not knowing who she was or why she was weighed on her greatly to where depression was taking over. Life as she knew it had been pulled out from under her like a rug. She was at rock bottom. Everything she ever knew and believed in was a lie. She had been deceived, hurt, and broken.

Fanell was searching for answers. She came to know Jesus for herself that night, he saved her, and she gave her life to him.

The question presented to her by an encounter of the Holy Spirit was, “Will you surrender EVERYTHING (the who, what, when, why, where, and how) as you know it and let me transform your life into BEAUTIFUL or will you continue life as it is and it only


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